Releasing The Bog Road previews on social media.

I’ve been holding onto this work for a long time but with a day off today I have been posting and sharing the preview everywhere I can think of. There is so much work involved in the marketing and or spreading awareness. I have a big respect for all you marketing people now 🙂

Facebook platform is going great which is a lot of family and friends, kind of an easy enough place to share your work.

Twitter on the other had is so difficult, I find it impossible to get exposure there, must keep studying and find out the key to success.

Instagram I plan on going to there later which is a solid platform and you can get good exposure to people you don’t know.

However the winner for me as always is Reddit. I posted the link to The Bog Road preview earlier today on the Ireland sub-reddit and there has been a load of great feedback from strangers, exactly the people I think all creators want to reach. This worked great for my Shadow Realm teaser a while back and hasn’t failed me again. I drew in 7 new followers on twitter since posting who I think came from reddit. Would recommend this to all out there trying to share their stories, just be clever about the sub-reddit you target.