iNOG – A Small Art Project

Just sharing a small bit of artwork I created with iNOG (Irish Network Operators Group). For my day job I work as a Network Engineer. It was a career I pursued after deciding that I needed a second stream of income, the bills had to be paid! I started going to iNOG to network with my peers and learn as much as possible from these clever people who had been working in tech a lot longer than me. Somewhere along the line word got out that I was handy with visuals and the two founders Donal and Cristian asked if I would work with them to create a logo that represented the community. So below is the Logo with the 3 characters who form up elements of Network Engineering. Bash Bunny, Fiber Fox and the iNOG Automation Robot. When the logo was launched at iNOG::C I was asked to present at Amazon’s office in Dublin which can be seen here. Overall I have to say this whole adventure working with the iNOG founders was awesome and looking back I’m really happy with the results and friends made along the way.