Two Comics Vs each other in Website Hits

So just by sheer timing I released 2 stories online in January. The first was the preview to The Bog Road on the 5th of Jan on reddit/r/ireland. The second was The Shadow Realm on the 17th. I found Reddit is amazing for getting content into the hands of interested people. The Bog Road gave me over 1000 hits on the day I launched the preview with it clocking up over 100 retweets on Twitter, a massive success personally. However I was shocked with the reception that The Shadow Realm got after posting it on Reddit/r/mma. On that day I posted it got over 20,000 hits, truely phenomonal. I guess I learned that people who would traditionally not read comics suddenly found an appetite when the subject matter was something they had a big interest in. I can’t thank them enough for the support as it got my story into the hands of so many people. I guess if your story finds the right audience then you’re in for a fun ride! See stats comparison from my

Also there was some great media attention and I thought this article was brilliant on Professional Fighter League. Also another article on The icing on the cake however was a mention of The Shadow Relam on The MMA Hour found here.(35:48) This is such a massive popular podcast so it put a big smile on my face.

When I get the chance I will post some Bog Road progress and a new project I’m starting…

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