Obviously Fight Talk Interview and T-Shirt Design

After an amazing response from The Shadow Realm I was invited onto Obviously Fight Talk podcast to chat more about the comic. This was a huge honour for me as the show was on its 100th episode. As an extra buzz I got to talk with two people who were very passionate about MMA and genuinely interested in a comicbook about their sport. I felt humbled to have someone outside my friends and family show an interest in the story and it was a lot fun being interviewed. But how I got onto the show in the first place was a little serendipitous. One of the hosts Noel O’Keeffe who is an amazing MMA ring announcer as well as podcaster knows me through other channels outside MMA. His mother and my mother are sisters! So before the mini comic landed on Reddit and blew up I was putting some previews on Instagram. Noel was messaging me about a collaboration on an MMA T-shirt design that Robert and him were planning. My faith in how well The Shadow Realm would be received was lifted by Noel, who seemed more convinced than me that fans would really enjoy it. As far as timing goes the whole lot just fit together nicely. They say luck is when hard work and opportunity meet and I guess in this case that would be true. As regards the T-Shirt concept and working on it I can say that comics can be grueling work so it’s nice to take a break and do a once off image, especially one that had a great idea behind it. I’ve shared it below in all its glory, if you want to pick one up then keep tabs on Obviously Fight Talk announcements. Once again I’m blown away by the power of comics to reach out and bring people together. The whole experience has given me new ideas and plans to try and capture the imagination of non-comicbook people, watch this space…


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